b. 1991
New York, NY
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I am an electronic media artist. My work combines experimental analog techniques with computer programming, digital image processing, and the internet. I am especially interested in feedback loops and other phenomena that can result in self-propagation and evolution through iterative processes. Layers of abstract audio and visual material form serene spacial environments that manifest in single-channel video works, durational performances, and installations.

I received my BFA in visual arts and computer science from Purchase College in 2014. I have shown work internationally at venues such as Spectacle Theater (Brooklyn), Monk Space (Los Angeles), VIVO Media Arts Centre (Vancouver), Arebyte Gallery (London), and Boys Club (Berlin), and events such as Ibrida*Pluri Festival (Montreal), Synesthesia Festival (Portland), and The Wrong Biennale (Internet).

I also publish small editions of physical media (such as tapes, zines, prints), and work as a freelance graphic designer, web designer, and creative tech consultant. I am currently employed as a video editor/encoder for Comedy Central and MTV.

︎ I make music as sleepwalks.