2018.03.03 — Performance at Muchmore’s

A small loop from my audio-visual performance as sleepwalks on Saturday, March 3 at a show curated by fellow artist and composer Frank Spigner.
2018.02.12 — Screening at Flat Earth Film Festival

On Monday, February 12, my Psychokinesis series will be screened at Flat Earth Film Festival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. The film festival takes place in the days leading up to List í ljósi. To view the fill program, visit:
2018.01.04 — Live performance at H0L0

A photo from my solo audiovisual performance as sleepwalks at H0L0 (NY) during the blizzard on January 4.
2017.11.12 — Video screening at Ende Tymes

My Psychokinesis series was screened on November 12 at Outpost Artist Resources in Ridgewood, NY as part of Ende Tymes 8: Novo Apocalypso, along with a myriad of other interesting audio-visual works.